Flemish Belgium

zo zot als een deur

Expression USED Frequently BY Everybody

(as crazy as a door/backdoor) • Used when someone is completely out of their mind, doing something stupid or just acting really crazy. Also, in old Dutch ‘deur’ meant something as ‘fool’, so it doesn’t actually refer to a door, although no one really uses it that way anymore.

“Heb je gehoord wat hij vorig weekend heeft gedaan?” “Ja, hij is echt zo zot als een achterdeur!”

“Did you hear what he did last weekend?” “Yeah, he really is as crazy as a backdoor!”

Flemish | Genks Genk, Belgium

ge zijt echt een salame

Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

It means that someone is stupid, or does something stupid.

"Oh, echt een salame zijt ge, ge moet beter opletten."

"you really are a sausage, you have to be more careful."