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níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin thinn féin.

Expression USED Frequently BY Many people

(there's no sore arse like your own sore arse) • It means your own problems seem more important to you than anyone else’s. It’s a play on words of the proverb "níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin" (there’s no hearth like your own hearth, or, there's no place like home)

Person A complains of something. Person B agrees and shares a similar complaint. Person A says that’s not the same thing. Person B responds, “Bhfuel, níl aon tóin tinn mar do thóin thinn féin!”


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Dia dhuit

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(God be with you) • A greeting used similarly to "hello" in English. The extended version "Dia is Muire dhuit" (God and Mary be with you) is used as the response.

"Dia dhuit, a Eóin." "Dia is Muire dhuit, a Saoirse."



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Expression USED Very frequently BY Teens and adults

(n.) • (fun) • “Craic” is 1) synonymous with words such as news, fun, entertaining, gossip and 2) an informal greeting.

1) "Yeah! That party was great craic last night!" 2) "Hey! What’s the craic?"

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