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Slang USED Frequently BY Some People

Refers to a woman who engages in various illicit activities, e.g. sexual activities with various partners simply for the fun of it. Derived from the English word "balance", in the context of leftover foods after being eaten.

"Wei, daripada hang jadi belen, baik hang jaga mak hang. Berfaedah sikit."

"Hey, rather than being a belen, it's better if you take care of your mother. That's more beneficial."

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Scene contra

Slang USED On Occasion BY Millenials

“Scene contra” signifies that you are in trouble.

“Scene contra! Mom caught me taking money from dad’s wallet!”

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Hashtag USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(#donespreading (the message)) • Used when someone makes a sarcastic response to a situation, especially if it involves good/bad actions. Originated from Arabic da'wah, meaning to invite/to call upon - specifically, to preach about the Islamic faith.

"Bersangka baiklah. Mungkin diorang menunjuk-nunjuk sedekah sebab diorang nak membuktikan yang diorang baik. #donedakwah"

"Assume the best. Maybe they show off their donation because they want to prove that they're nice #donedakwah"

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main kayu tiga

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(playing three sticks) • This expression is used to refer to someone who has an affair outside of their marriage.

"Kamu tak dengar berita ke? Syed tu tengah main kayu tiga dengan bosnya!"

"Haven't you heard the news? Syed is playing three sticks with his boss!"

Malay Malaysia

makan angin

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(eating wind) • It means going on vacation or traveling.

"Kami sekeluarga makan angin ke Eropa tahun lepas."

"Our family went eating wind in Europe last year."

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Hashtag USED In the past BY Some People

A hashtag created during the COVID-19 crisis to encourage people to stay at home.

"Day 40 #DudukRumah"

"Day 40 #StayAtHome"

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