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नाचता येईना अंगण वाकडे

Proverb USED On Rare Occasion BY Elders or peers

(unable to dance, calls the yard slanted) • This phrase is used to taunt someone who claims that a certain task can not be performed as a result of the bad external conditions rather than accepting that they have not mastered the skill themselves. It is generally not said directly to them, and is whispered to the other listener.

"मी चित्र रंगवू मस्त शकतो, पण रंगच खराब आहेत." "नाचता येईना अंगण वाकडे."

"I can paint very well, but actually the paints are quite bad." "He can't dance, and says that the yard is slanted"



Marathi Maharashtra, India

मी हिब्रूत बोललो/बोलले का ?

Proverb USED On Rare Occasion BY Anyone, generally elders or peers

(Did I speak in Hebrew?) • In order to grab attention or reiterate that one said the same thing as what the audience said, or also used in order to say that you already agree on the same point and have mentioned it.

"चहात साखर नाही आहे." "चहा गोड का नाही आहे?" "मग, मी आत्ता हिब्रूत बोललो का? चहात साखर नाही आहे."

"There's no sugar in the tea." "The tea isn't sweet." "Then did I speak in Hebrew right now? There's no sugar in the tea."