Sardinian | Sardu Logudoresu Sardinia, Italy

Colore de cane fuende

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(Running/escaping dog's colour) • Used to describe the colour of something you don't really know. Something like "sky-blue pink" in english.

-"Sa kore de sa camisa sua est?" -"Mmmh.. Colore de cane fuende!"

-"What was the color of her shirt?" -"Her shirt was the same color of a dog running. "


Sardinian | Ogliastran Sardinia, Italy

minch'e cuaddu

Expression USED Very frequently BY Most People

(penis of a horse) • Exclamation used after receiving a surprising information.

"Oi appu comporau su pani, e m'esti costau dexi eurus." "Minch'e cuaddu!"

"Today I bought some bread and it cost me ten euros." "Penis of a horse!"