Slovenian Slovenia

teta s Krvavca

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(aunt from Krvavec) • It is an euphemism for period. Krvavec is a slovene mountain; krvav means bloody.

"Že dolgo me ni obiskala teta s Krvavca."

"My aunt from Krvavec hasn't visited me in a long time."

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Slovenian Slovenia

dobro jutro!

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(good morning) • It is usually said to a person that has discovered something that already exists and people know about it.

“Stari, nisem vedel, da je tvoja sestra noseča! Čestitam!!” “Dobro jutro! To vejo že vsi!”

“Dude I didn’t know that your sister is pregnant! Congratulations!!” “Good morning! Everybody knows that!”

Slovenian Slovenia

zeleni prsti

Expression USED On Occasion BY The Moon and me, from today on

(green fingers) • To be obsessed with plants.

"Sosed ima zelene prste. V hiši ima približno 100 rastlin."

"The neighbor has green fingers. He has about 100 plants in the house."

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