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vãi cả nho

Interjection USED On Occasion BY Teenagers

(scatter the grapes) • This is a mispronounciation of "vãi cả lồn", which is used like "oh my god" in Vietnamese. It is considered much less offensive and slightly more positive than the original word.

"Ê, Việt Nam vào chung kết World cup rồi đấy..." "Vãi cả nho"

"Hey, Vietnam is in the World Cup final..." "Scatter the grapes"

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Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

"gấu" means a bear. Young people now use it to cutely refer a lover, a crush.

"Tết này bạn có gấu chưa?"

"Do you have a lover for this Tet Holidays?"

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Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It means throw, disperse, or bestrew. Its meaning is sometimes unpolite, and colloquial in informal languages. These days young people/teenagers use this slang word a lot to show an exclamation or express the feeling of shocking, or unbelievable.

"Trời hôm nay nóng vãi" "Cô gái kia xinh vãi"

"The weather is too hot today" "That girl is so beautiful"

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củ chuối

Slang USED Frequently BY Everyone

(tubers of plantain) • The Literal translation is the part of a banana tree that grows under the soil and where the root, trunk, and leaves grow from, but used in slang to mean silly, idle, stunned, very boring, hard, or difficult.

"Tôi đang xem một bộ phim củ chuối lắm" "Bài toán này rất củ chuối"

"I am watching a very silly film." "This math lesson is so/very hard."