Italian | Neapolitan Naples, Italy


Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

(adj.) • You use "sereticcio" to say that a food has lost its crispness.

"Questo biscotto è sereticcio."

"This biscuit is stale."



Italian | Neapolitan Italy


Abbreviation USED Very frequently BY Gen X'ers

(n.) • (my brother) • Internet slang abbreviation of the Neapolitan dialect word “fratm”, made popular by a meme and now widely used in the Italian internet community.

"Fr🏧 ingiustamente carcerat."

"My brother, unrightfully jailed."

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Italian | Neapolitan Naples, Italy


Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(v.) • You use "schizzechea" to say that it's drizzling.

"Sta piovendo?" "Solo un po'... Schizzechea."

"Is it raining?" "Just a bit... It's drizzling."

Italian | Neapolitan Neaples, Italy

Quanno chiove e nun se 'nfonne pe' terra

Idiom USED Frequently BY Most People

(When it rains and the earth doesn't get wet) • Used to say that a situation is an unlikely scenario.

"Ho sentito che Franco, il secchione, è uscito con quella gnocca di Paola." "Quanno chiove e nun se 'nfonne pe' terra."

"I have heard that Franco, the nerd, went out with that hot piece of ass of Paola." "When it rains and the earth doesn't get wet."