Portuguese Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Word USED Frequently BY Young people

(noun) • Used to say that something is a lie, when people are surprised or when something or someone will get in trouble.

"Não acredita nele, ele tá de caô." "Caô que você ganhou na loteria!" "Não faça isto, vai dar caô!"

"Don't believe him, he's lying to you." "I can't believe you won the lottery!" "Don't do it, you're gonna get in trouble!"

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Portuguese Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost everyone

(sup) • Contraction of the expression "Qual é?" (What's up?). It is an informal way to greet a person.

"Coé, cara, tudo bem?"

"Sup, dude, how are you?"


Portuguese Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Slang USED On Occasion BY Some People

An abbreviation of "171", the penal code for swindling and fraud. Used to refer to a person that often lies.

"Na minha cidade tem um político muito sete um"

"In my city there is a very seven one politician"