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Portuguese Brazil, Brazil


Interjection USED Frequently BY Young people

(Still!) • Used when someone asks a question that the answer is obviously yes. Contraction of "Are you still asking?"

"Você gosta dela?" "AINDA!"

"Do you like her? "STILL!"

Portuguese Brazil

a Perseguida

Slang USED On Occasion BY Some People

(n.) • (the Chased) • A slang word for vagina.

"Os homens gostam da perseguida"

"Men like the chased"

Portuguese Brazil

estar mais pra lá do que pra cá

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(to be more there than here) • Used when someone is close to death.

"A Rainha Elizabeth tem 95 anos!" "Tá mais pra lá do que pra cá"

"Queen Elizabeth is 95 years old!" "She's more there than here"

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Portuguese Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost everyone

(sup) • Contraction of the expression "Qual é?" (What's up?). It is an informal way to greet a person.

"Coé, cara, tudo bem?"

"Sup, dude, how are you?"

Portuguese Brazil

cão chupando manga

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost everyone

(dog sucking mango) • Used to refer to an ugly person.

"Ele é tão feio, parece um cão chupando manga."

"He is so ugly, he looks like a dog sucking mango."

Portuguese Brazil

De Taubaté

Slang USED Frequently BY Young People

(From Taubaté) • Used to refer to something that is a lie or fake. The slang came up with the story of the fake pregnant woman in the city of Taubaté (São Paulo), who in 2012 deceived the Brazilian media by saying she was pregnant with quadruplets.

"Eu sou loiro" "Sim, loiro de Taubaté"

"I am blonde" "Yes, blonde from Taubaté"


Portuguese Brazil

o Papa é argentino, mas Deus é brasileiro

Expression USED On Occasion BY Adults

(the Pope is Argentine, but God is Brazilian) • It is used whenever Brazil faces or is compared to Argentina. You can also just say "God is Brazilian" when something good happens in Brazil.

"Acho que a Argentina ganha a próxima copa" "Não mesmo! O papa é argentino, mas Deus é brasileiro"

"I think Argentina wins the next world cup" "No way! The Pope is Argentine, but God is Brazilian"

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Portuguese Brazil

te conheço de outros carnavais

Expression USED On Rare Occasion BY Some people

(I know you from other carnival parties) • When someone you know very well pretends to be what they are not.

"Eu nunca usei drogas!" "Eu te conheço de outros carnavais."

"I never used drugs!" "I know you from other carnivals."


Portuguese Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Slang USED On Occasion BY Some People

An abbreviation of "171", the penal code for swindling and fraud. Used to refer to a person that often lies.

"Na minha cidade tem um político muito sete um"

"In my city there is a very seven one politician"

Portuguese Brazil

até aí tudo bem

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(all good till here) • When telling a story of something that went bad in the middle of the story, but things at that point were no longer well.

"Atropelei um homem, até aí tudo bem, o interessante é que fui apaixonada por ele nos tempos de colégio."

"I ran over a man, all good till here, the interesting thing is that I was in love with him back in school."

Portuguese Brazil


Slang USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • (stab) • When something is too expensive.

"The video game price is a stab"

"O preço do vídeo game tá uma facada"

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Portuguese Brazil

crime ocorre nada acontece feijoada

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Used when something unfair happens in brazil and nobody cares or justice fails. It's an old meme.

"That corrupt politician was elected again!" "Crime occurs nothing happens feijoada"

"Aquele político corrupto se elegeu de novo" "Crime ocorre nada acontece feijoada"