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Word USED Frequently BY Gen Z'ers

(noun) • Can be used as a noun or a verb to describe an obsessive love of a celebrity. Used frequently on Twitter. Originates from Eminem's song 'Stan', which tells the story of one of his obsessive fans.

"She really stans BTS." "She's a big Taylor Swift stan."

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Acronym USED On Occasion BY Gen Z'ers

(n.) • An acronym for 'love of my life'. Often used on Instagram as a caption for a picture of your partner.

"Look at him. #loml"



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Word USED Frequently BY Gen Z'ers

(adj.) • (pussy) • Awesome or good-looking, if referred to a person.

"Oh, guarda quella là! Che fregna che è!"

"Oh, look at that girl over there! How pussy she is!"

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