Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Occasion BY some people

(meat inspection) • A way to describe something that reduces women to their physical appearance.

"Zo'n missverkiezing blijft toch gewoon een vleeskeuring."

"A Miss competition is basically a meat inspection."


Dutch Netherlands

aan het einde van je latijn

Expression USED On Occasion BY some people

(to be at the end of your latin) • To be completely exhausted, done, desperate.

"Ik was volledig aan het eind van mijn Latijn. Lichamelijk en geestelijk was ik op, tot op een punt dat ik de zin van het leven niet meer zag."

"I was completely at the end of my latin. Physically and mentally I was exhausted, to a point where I no longer saw the meaning of life."


Italian Italy

colpo di fulmine

Idiom USED on occasion BY some people

(hit of a lightning ) • The feeling of love that comes from the first time you met someone.

"Ho incontrato una ragazza in metro, penso di aver avuto un colpo di fulmine, non smetto di pensarla!"

"I met some girl while on the subway and I think I got a hit of a lightning, I can't stop thinking about her!"

English United States

struggle bus

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

Used to indicate a situation is difficult, someone is struggling, not having a good time or not doing well. Usually used in a phrase such as "riding the struggle bus", "driving the struggle bus", or "on the struggle bus".

"Class today was a real struggle bus."

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED On Occasion BY Some People

Used to describe the unpleasant weather when it is cold and windy outside. Sometimes it also includes rain.

"Het is echt weer guur weer buiten."

"The weather outside is really guur."

English English speaking countries

final girl

Name USED On Occasion BY people who watch movies

(n.) • The final girl is a trope in horror and slasher movies. It refers to the last girl or woman alive to confront the killer, who either defeats him herself or is saved by others arriving.

"I love a good movie with a final girl"

Dutch Netherlands


Word USED Sometimes BY Some People

A phrase that is simple yet contains a truth or piece of wisdom that is printed on traditional wall tiles. These tiles are often white with text and additional imagery in Delft blue, a shade of blue often used in traditional Dutch products.

"Tel wat je hebt, niet wat je mist" "Zo, dat is een mooie tegeltjeswijsheid"

"Count what you have, not what you are missing" "That's a great tile wisdom"


English English speaking countries

robbing the cradle

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

To marry or become romantically involved with a much younger person, especially one from a younger generation or to use a young person for a purpose inappropriate to their age.

“He sure robbed the cradle with his last wife”

Vietnamese Vietnam


Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

"gấu" means a bear. Young people now use it to cutely refer a lover, a crush.

"Tết này bạn có gấu chưa?"

"Do you have a lover for this Tet Holidays?"

Spanish Venezuela

echar los perros

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(to give the runaround) • It means to court someone.

"Tu hermano me está echando los perros."

"Your brother is giving me the runaround."

Spanish Venezuela

echarse un camarón

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(to have a shrimp) • It's the little dream we sneak in from time to time during work or a little nap.

"Voy a echarme un camarón"

"I'm going to have a shrimp"


Spanish Venezuela

tipo tranquilo

Expression USED Frequently BY Some People

(calm guy) • It means being relaxed about a situation or relaxing and having a pleasant night.

"Me quedé en la casa, tipo tranquilo."

"I stayed at home, calm guy."

Spanish Venezuela


Word USED Frequently BY Some People

It refers to a very strong blow.

"Cuidado te caes y de tas un mamonazo"

"Be careful, you fall and you get a mamonazo"



Spanish Venezuela


Word USED Frequently BY Some People

(adj.) • Word that indicates that a person has a good vocabulary, speaks well or wants to conquer someone.

"Maria tiene mucha labia"

"Maria has a lot of talk"

Spanish Venezuela


Word USED Frequently BY Some People

It is to browse, review or scrutinize.

"No jurungues la comida"

"Don't spoil the food"


Spanish Venezuela


Word USED Frequently BY some people

Interesting gossip or rumour

"Te voy a contar un beta"

"I'm going to tell you a beta"

Spanish Venezuela

calentar la oreja

Expression USED Frequently BY Some People

(to warm the ear) • It is said when a person seeks to make someone fall in love with them.

"David me está calentando la oreja."

"David is warming my ear."


Spanish Venezuela


Word USED Frequently BY Some People

It is a way of calling beers.

"Vamos a tomarnos unas birras"

"Let's have some birras"

Spanish Venezuela


Word USED On Occasion BY Some People

(n.) • It is the way of referring to work.

"Tengo una buena chamba"

"I have a good job"


Spanish Mexico

jalar mecate

Expression USED Frequently BY Some People

(rope/string(s) puller) • It means to flatter for personal gain or to attempt to persuade in an insistent or false manner.

"Tu si eres jala mecate"

"Tu si eres jala mecate."