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#BuongiornodaMondello *

* #GoodMorningFromMondello

Italian Italy

Hashtag USED Very frequently BY Social media users

Mondello is a famous Sicilian beach that went viral lately after an interview about anti-covid measures on Italian beaches. Social media users now repeat that expression anytime they are at the seaside (not necessarily, though) and make hashtags, parodies, Instagram filters and much more out of it.

“#BuongiornodaMondello, oggi al mare! Ma non avete un po’ paura del covid?” “Non ce n’è coviddi, non ce n’è!”

“#GoodMorningFromMondello, so you are at the seaside today! But aren’t you a little scared of covid?” “There’s no coviddi here, not at all!”

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A chi appartieni?*

* Who do you belong to?

Italian In the South, Italy

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

Question any elder Southern Italian asks when meeting someone younger than them for the first time in order to know which family they belong to and/or who their parents and grandparents are.

“Giovanotto, a chi appartieni?” “Sono figlio del dottor Rossi.”

“Who do you belong to, young boy?” “I’m dr. Rossi’s son.”

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‘mbrellino *

* little umbrella

Italian | Dialetto avellinese Irpinia, Italy

Word USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Colloquial word used to describe someone/someone’s role as completely useless and compare them to a decorative umbrella.

"Che pote fa’ quillo ‘mbrellino?"

"What could that little umbrella guy do?"




Italian | Dialetto avellinese Irpinia, Italy

Word USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

A noun or an adjective used to underline someone’s stupidity in a friendly and, in some cases, slightly offensive way, e.g. when they embarrass themselves (or even you) in public or when they keep on making the same mistakes.

"Quanto si stordo, ‘o frat."

"Bro, you are so stupid."