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Korean South Korea

Slang USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) It means a meal of chicken and beer.

"올림픽 기간 동안 치맥 판매가 늘었다."

"The sales of chimaek have increased during the Olympics."



* knitting

French France

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everybody

The action a cat does when it pulls its paws one after the other when it's happy and calm. Known in English as making biscuits

"Regarde le chat, il est trop mignon il tricote."

"Look at the cat, it's so cute it's making biscuits."

C'est pas Versailles ici!*

* It's not Versailles in here

French France

Expression USED Frequently BY Parents and grandparents

Typically used by parents when their children leave a room but forget to turn off the light or if they use electricity in a wasteful way. Reference to the Palace of Versailles.

"Éteins la lumière quand tu sors de ta chambre, c'est pas Versailles ici!"

"Turn off the lights when go out of your room, we're not in Versailles here!"

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French France

Slang USED On Occasion BY Young People

(adj.) Verlan (slang where syllables of words are inversed) for "louche", meaning weird or odd.

"Elle m'a dit qu'elle viendrait à la fête vendredi." "C'est chelou elle m'a dit le contraire."

"She told me she'd come to the party on Friday." "That's odd, she told me the opposite."

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touche du bois*

* touch wood

French France

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

An expression used when something that's been said might bring bad luck and to counteract this bad luck you have to touch wood.

"Je n'ai jamais eu de problème avec ma voiture." "Touche du bois."

"I never have any problems with my car." "Touch wood."

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