Chur, Switzerland

I grew up bilingual with German and French in the beautiful country of Switzerland. Later I began learning Italian and English in school, before I went on exchange to Sweden to learn Swedish... since I came back, I also started learning Spanish in school, which means that I now speak English, French, (Swiss) German and Swedish fluently (all with at least a C1 Diploma), a decent amount of Spanish and some Italian.

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German Switzerland

Du hesch doch nüm alli tassa im schrank!

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(You don’t have all your cups in your cupboard anymore!) • To ask if someone is serious, but implying that you think that their idea is crazy or dangerous.

"Du bisch im Gwitter go bada? Du hesch doch nüm alli Tassa im Schrank!"

"You went bathing in the middle of the thunderstorm? You don’t have all your cups in your cupboard anymore!"

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German Switzerland

Hesch dini sieba sacha?

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(Do you have your seven things?) • To ask someone if they have all their belongings, so that you can get going.

"Hesch dini sieba sacha? Miar kömmen sus no ds spot!"

"Do you have your seven things? Otherwise we’ll be late!"

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Swiss German Switzerland

heb dr latz

Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

(hold your apron) • an offensive and rude way to tell someone to shut up

"Heb dr Latz, du hesch jo eh kai Ahnig vo was du redsch!"

"Hold your apron, you don’t know what you‘re talking about anyways!"

Swiss German Switzerland

nia im leba!

Expression USED On Occasion BY Young People

(never in life) • Something that is very unlikely to happen, especially if you dare someone to do something.

"Nia im Leba gosch du jetzt zu dem Typ ana und frogsch ihn noch sinera Nummera!"

"Never in life would you go over to that guy and ask him for his number!"

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