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Spanish Argentina

por si las moscas

Expression USED Frequently BY Older Generations

(for if the flies) • This expression can be translated as "just in case".

"Está re nublado, llevá un paraguas por si las moscas."

"It's really cloudy, take an umbrella for if the flies."

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Spanish Argentina

estoy en mi salsa

Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

(i'm in my sauce) • When you're comfortable with something and/or doing things you love.

"A mí no me preocupa tener que estar en casa todo el día, estoy en mi salsa."

"I'm not worried about having to spend the whole day at home, I'm in my sauce."

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Spanish Argentina

¿sos hijo de vidriero?

Expression USED Frequently BY Adults

(are you a glazier's son?) • Used when someone stands in front of the TV when you're watching it, as if they were invisible or see-through.

"¡Movete! ¿Sos hijo de vidriero?"

"Move! Are you a glazier's son?

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Spanish Spanish speaking countries

hazte fama y échate a dormir

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(make a name for yourself and go to sleep) • It's usually said after a person gets offended when someone else says something bad about them, expressing the idea that, after doing the same bad thing repeatedly, people will only expect that from you.

"¿Querés galletitas caseras?" "No, no me gustan las galletitas quemadas." "¡No se me quemaron!" "Se te quemaron las últimas diez veces... ¡Hazte fama y échate a dormir!"

"Would you like some home-made cookies?" "No, I don't like burnt cookies." "I didn't burn them!" "You burned them the last ten times... Make a name for yourself and go to sleep!"

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Spanish Argentina

más boludo que las palomas

Expression USED Very frequently BY Older Generations

(more stupid than pigeons) • Used to talk about someone who is very stupid. Often said after they do a silly thing, but it can also be used to simply describe them.

"Hoy Tomás me preguntó si los perros ponían huevos... ¡Es más boludo que las palomas!"

"Today Tomás asked me if dogs lay eggs... He's more stupid than pigeons!"

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Spanish Argentina

no me llegás ni a los talones

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(you don't even reach my heels) • It's a very mean way of saying "you are way inferior than me".

"¿Pensás que estoy celoso? ¡No me llegás ni a los talones!"

"You think I'm jealous? You don't even reach my heels!"

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Spanish Argentina

mucho pan para tanto salame

Expression USED On Occasion BY Young People

(too much bread for that salami) • It's used when a person (usually a boy) isn't thought to deserve their partner. This can be either because of their appearence or behaviour. You can also say this to someone who's just broken up with their partner, meaning something like "don't be sad, they don't deserve you".

"María me dijo que fue a la casa del novio y que en vez de estar con ella, estuvo toda la noche jugando jueguitos. Ella es mucho pan para tanto salame."

"María told me she went to her boyfriend's house and instead of being with her, he spent the whole night playing videogames. She's too much bread for that salami."

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Spanish Argentina

no tengo un mango

Expression USED Very frequently BY Adults

(I don't have a mango) • This expression can be translated to "I don't have any money".

"¡Vamos al cine!" "No puedo, no tengo un mango."

"Let's go to the cinema!" "I can't, I don't have a mango."

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Spanish Argentina

estar al pedo

Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

(be to the fart) • Used when you're free or not doing anything important.

"¿Estás ocupada mañana?" "No, estoy al pedo todo el día."

"Are you busy tomorrow?" "No, I'm to the fart all day."

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