Hi there! I'm a language nerd who speaks English (native), French (fluent), Mandarin Chinese (conversational / heritage), Taiwanese (ok maybe this is a stretch; I know a few phrases), Modern Greek (well it's been more texting than speaking...), and Spanish (let's just say I'm still working on it).

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French France

Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Young People

An abbreviation of "beaucoup", meaning "a lot", "much", or "many", used in texting or messaging.

"Il fait bcp trop chaud pour dormir"

"It is much too hot to sleep"

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* stupid egg

Chinese Various countries

Expression USED On Occasion BY Most People

Fool or stupid idiot; can be either insulting or playful depending on context, such as whether the speaker is a stranger or a close friend.


"You let us lose! Are you a stupid egg?"


Chinese China, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(interj.) A greeting used most frequently (and nowadays almost exclusively) on telephone calls. The greeting most directly means "Hello" and confirms the phone call has connected.

喂 ,你还在吗?

Hello, are you still there?

written in the stars

English Various countries

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Some People

Destined to happen, as if there were no personal control and the future were predetermined by an external force.

“Their blossoming love was written in the stars.“

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six feet under

English United States

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

Dead and buried. The expression can be used in the literal sense or a metaphorical one. Six feet refers to the depth at which a deceased person would be buried.

"We both moved on. Our relationship is six feet under."

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down the drain

English Various countries

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

Being wasted or lost, likely to the end of being ruined.

"It was a bad investment, our money went down the drain."

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English United States

Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(adj.) Showing no emotion in facial expression.

"He was stone-faced as he listened to his brother's appeal for money."

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ride shotgun

English United States

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Young People

To ride in the front passenger seat of a vehicle. To ride shotgun is the goal of the game "calling shotgun", where people try to claim this front seat first. Possibly derived from film depictions of stagecoaches, where the person riding next to the driver would carry a shotgun.

"Riley rode shotgun the last time we drove to the park; now, it's my turn!"

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English United States

Slang USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) The U.S. dollar.

''Could I borrow ten bucks?''

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* add oil

Chinese Various countries

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Can be used by supporters to motivate a team, can be used by family and friends to encourage an individual, and can be used by those who stand in solidarity with a group.

Note: Used most frequently to wish someone "good luck" or "all the best"

"加油! 你能行的!"

"Add oil! You can do it!"