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Spanish Argentina

el día del arquero

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(the goalkeeper’s day) • Used when something is unlikely or that will happen in a very long time.

“Si no estudiás, te vas a recibir el día del arquero.”

“If you don’t study, you’re gonna graduate on the goalkeeper’s day”

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Spanish | Río de la Plata Spanish Argentina


Word USED Frequently BY Young People

(adj.) • Used to say that something is cool.

"¡Tus zapatillas están re piolas!" "¡Qué piola que te puedas ir de viaje!"

"Your sneakers are so cool!" "How cool that you can travel!"

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Spanish Argentina


Interjection USED Frequently BY Young People

(interj.) • Used to indicate sarcasm, exaggeration or just a joke.

"Estoy gordo porque estoy lleno de amor ndeah."

"I’m fat because I’m filled with love ndeah."

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