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starý jak svět

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(old as the world) • Very old, often used dismissively.

"Ty se tomu pořád směješ? Ten vtip je starý jak svět."

"Are you still laughing at it? That joke is as old as the world."



Czech Czechia

život není peříčko

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(life is no feather) • Used to say that life is not easy.

"Mám toho spoustu v práci a do toho teď musím ještě pomáhat našim." "No jo, život není peříčko."

"I have tons of things to do at work and on top of that, I now have to help out my parents." "Yeah well, life is no feather."

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Czech Czechia


Word USED Frequently BY Teens

(adj.) • (dense) • A way of saying "cool" or "heavy".

"To bylo fakt hustý, jak se do něho pustil."

"That was really dense how he had a go at him."

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