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French France


Abbreviation USED Frequently BY Most People

(n.) • Toilet roll. P stands for "papier" (paper) and Q stands for "cul" (pronounced the same as Q, it means butt).

"Je vais au supermarché." "N'oublie pas d'acheter du PQ."

"I'm going to the supermarket." "Don't forget to buy toilet roll."

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French France

tomber dans les pommes

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(to fall into the apples) • To faint.

"Je me suis senti mal hier, je suis même tombé dans les pommes."

"I felt so ill yesterday, I even fainted."

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Italian Italy

a ogni morte di Papa

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(at every Pope's death) • It means rarely, once in a blue moon.

"Come va tuo figlio?" "Insomma, studia solo a ogni morte di Papa..."

"How's your son doing?" "Meh, he only studies once every Pope's death..."

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Italian Italy

in culo ai lupi

Expression USED Frequently BY Most People

(in the butt of the wolves) • In a far away, hard to reach place.

"Vuoi andare a quella festa?" "Non lo so, è in culo ai lupi..."

"Do you want to go to that party?" "I don't know, it's in the butt of the wolves..."

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