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Portuguese Curitiba, Brazil

piá / guria de prédio

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(building boy / girl) • A spoiled boy (piá) or girl (guria) that doesn't join popular culture. Usually related to wealth, lives away from the street costumes, as in a building (prédio).

"Não sabe jogar bolinha de gude? Mas é um piá de prédio mesmo..."

"Don't you know how to play marbles? It could only be a building boy..."


Portuguese Paraná, Brazil


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) • Meaning "boy" or "kid". From the indigenous Tingui language, it means "heart". Tingui mothers used to call their sons saying "heart", "my heart".

"Pare com isso, piá!"; "Piá, venha já pra dentro que tá frio aí fora!"

"Stop doing that, boy!"; "Hey, kid, come inside right now, it's cold outside!"


Portuguese Brazil

um mar de rosas

Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(a sea of roses) • Period or situation of tranquility, happiness, harmony. Without facing difficulties; comfortable; easy.

"A vida não é um mar de rosas" "O jogo foi um mar de rosas"

"Life is not a sea of roses" "The match was a sea of roses"