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Hoe verzin je het?*

* How do you come up with it?

Dutch Netherlands

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Most people

Phrase used when something is very extraordinary or hard to believe

“Heb je gehoord dat ze nu al weer de loterij hebben gewonnen?” “Jeetje, hoe verzin je het?”

“Did you hear they won the lottery again?” “Little gee, how do you come up with it?”



* little greetings

Dutch Netherlands

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) Used as a way to sign off an email, letter or message.

“Ik hoop jullie snel weer te zien. Groetjes, oma.”

“I hope to see you again soon. Little greetings, grandma.”

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English United States

Word USED On Occasion BY Antifacists

(n.) Combination of the words “cop” and “propaganda”. Used for media that promotes the police and/or shows them in a positive light.

“Say what you want, but Paw Patrol is pure copaganda.”

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