Cześć! if you can't find me in the front row at a rock concert I am probably studying foregin languages. I am a Polish native speaker, also speaking and forever mastering English, Spanish and German. In 2021 I want to start learning Sign Language.

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* difficult

Polish Poland

Interjection USED Very frequently BY Everyone

Used as a replacement of "it happens" / "life goes on".

"Nie zdałem testu." "Trudno, możesz go poprawić."

"I failed the test." "Difficult, you can retake it."

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Polish Poland

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It's a one word used to describe "day before yesterday".

"Zrobiłem to przedwczoraj."

"I did it the day before yesterday."

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Polish Poland

Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It has variety of meanings. Most often it is used as a colloquial way of saying "yes", it can also express understanding or agreement. For example "no nie!" ("no no!") can express disbelief, disappointment or even anger. It always depends on the context.

"Jesteś gotowy?" "No."

"Are you ready?" "No." (instead of "yes")

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być nie w sosie*

* to be not in the sauce

Polish Poland

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(v.) To be in a bad mood.

"Czemu jesteś nie w sosie? Coś się stało?"

"Why are you not in the sauce? Something happened?"

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po ptakach*

* after the birds

Polish Poland

Idiom USED Frequently BY Most People

It is used to say when something is over and there's nothing else we can do with it.

"Koncert jest wyprzedany. I po ptakach!"

"This concert is sold out. And after the birds!"

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