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Dutch Belgium

blaffende honden bijten niet

Expression USED On Occasion BY mainly older generations

(barking dogs don't bite) • Someone who's annoying or threatening usually doesn't do much after all.

"Hij dreigde ermee dat hij m'n gsm zou afpakken als ik niet stopte met sms'en" "Maak je maar geen zorgen, blaffende honden bijten meestal niet"

"He threatened to take my phone away if I wouldn't stop texting" "Don't you worry, barking dogs usually don't bite"

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Dutch | Flemish Belgium

dat maak je de kat wijs

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(make the cat believe that) • If someone says something that's so obviously untrue or ridiculous, you can even tell your cat about it because it just makes no sense.

"Ik heb dit examen op twee uur gestudeerd!" "Dat kan niet! Dat maak je de kat wijs!"

"It only took me 2 hours to study for this exam!" "What, That's impossible! Make that the cat believe!"

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