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estar como un pulpo en un garaje*

* to be like an octopus in a garage

Spanish Spain

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

To be lost, also in a figurative way.

''Anoche en tu fiesta estuve como un pulpo en un garaje.''

''Last night at your party I was like an octopus in a garage.''

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estar pagat*

* to be paid

Catalan | Meridional - Valencian Spain

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

To be satisfied with something. Can also be used in negative form (estar despagat, estar despagada - to not be payed) when you are not satisfied with something.

"Estic molt despagada amb els nous horaris."

"I am not very paid with the new schedule."

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Spanish The Internet, Spain

Name USED On Occasion BY Memers

(n.) Female owner of a cat.

Note: "Anvorguesa" is a play on the word "hamburguesa" (hamburger) and serves as the Spanish equivalent of the cat-related meme "I can haz cheeseburger".

"No, Karen, no quiero whiskas, quiero mi anvorguesa."

"No Karen, I don't want whiskas, I want my 'anvorguesa'."

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