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mili pili (f) | tincho (m)

Spanish Argentina

Expression USED Very frequently BY Young People

Used to refer in a pejorative or scornful way to a posh girl or boy. They come from the upper classes and are usually quite dumb, only worried about upper classes' issues. This expression is the nickname for the names Milagros, Pilar and Martín, which are in fashion in the upper classes.

"No puedo creer que haya gente preocupada por no poder ir a la peluquería cuando hay gente que no puede ir a laburar y no tiene para comer." "Este país está lleno de mili pilis y tinchos."

"Can't believe there are people worried they can't go to the hair salon when there are people who can't go to work and don't have food on their plates." "This country is full of mili pilis and tinchos."

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Caen soretes de punta*

* Turds are falling on our heads

Spanish Argentina

Expression USED On Rare Occasion BY Older Generations

Used to say that it is raining very heavily or it is pouring.

"Se largó a llover mal. Están cayendo soretes de punta."

"It started raining very heavily. Turds are falling on our heads."

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no es soplar y hacer botellas*

* it isn't blowing and making bottles

Spanish Argentina

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

It means that something isn't easy.

"Acabamos de poner un local pero no nos está yendo tan bien." "Bueno, no es soplar y hacer botellas. ¿Qué pretendías?"

"We just opened a store but we're not doing so well." "Well, it isn't blowing and making bottles, what did you expect?"

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hola bella*

* hi beautiful

Spanish Buenos Aires, Argentina

Expression USED Frequently BY Young People

It's a way of saying hello to a close friend.

"Hola bella! Hacemos videollamada hoy un ratito?"

"Hi beautiful! Wanna make a videocall today for a while?"

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