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Spanish | Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina


Slang USED Frequently BY Young people

(v.) • This can be applied to many things: you can chamuyar an exam or a job interview if you get your way around it saying whatever comes to your mind, but intelligently; or you can chamuyar someone, thats is, trying to make them your love partner.

"¿Qué tal te fue el examen de ayer?" "Ah pues tuve que chamuyar, no me sabía nada"

"How did you do at your exam yesterday?" "Oh I had to chamuyar, I didn't know a thing"

Spanish Buenos Aires, Argentina


Word USED Frequently BY Young people

(n.) • A way to refer to your informal love partner.

"Are you and Juan boyfriend and girlfriend? Naaa, he is my chongo. We only see each other from time to time"


Spanish Argentina


Word USED Very frequently BY Most People

(n.) • It's originally an insult meaning dumb or idiot, but it's also frequently used with friends.

"Che boludo, ¿cómo andás?"

"Hey boludo, how are you going?"