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* long walk

Spanish Valencian Country, Spain

Word USED Frequently BY People Under 30

(n.) Action that requires an effort that we do not want to undertake. Not necessarily linked to walking despite its original sense.

"Dios, aún me quedan veinte páginas, ¡qué pateo!"

"God, there's still twenty more pages, what a long walk!"



el burro delante, pa que no se espante*

* the donkey goes first, so it doesn't get scared

Spanish Spain

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

In Spanish, it is usually considered impolite to refer to oneself while listing the members of some group before every other person has been mentioned. This expression is used to make someone aware of his misplacement of the first-person pronoun in an enumeration that includes more people.

"¿Y quiénes fuisteis al cine?" "Fuimos yo, Joan y Pablo." "El burro delante, pa que no se espante."

"And who went to the cinema?" "Me, Joan and Pablo." "The donkey goes in front, so it doesn't get scared."

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