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Spanish Spain

estar hasta las narices

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(to be up the nose) • It refers to when you are fed up or sick to death of something.

“Estoy hasta las narices de este trabajo.”

“I’m up the nose with this job.”

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Catalan | Mallorquí Mallorca, Spain

mos deim coses

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(we tell each other things) • It should mean "we'll be in touch", but when a Mallorcan person says it you may never see them again. It is quite common that they will never call you or you will never know anything about them since then.

“Vols anar a prendre un cafè la setmana que ve?”. “Sí, mos deim coses”.

“Do you want to grab a coffee next week?” “Yes, we tell each other things.”