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Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(n.) • A guy. It can serve as a simple noun to refer to someone in the third person. In any case, its use presupposes a high level of informality.

"Il tizio che era lì è stato molto gentile con me".

"The guy who was there was so kind to me".

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Expression USED On Occasion BY Teens

(n.) • ((what a) show!) • It's often used by young people when facing something astonishing, amazing, or simply relaxing. It can also be referring to situations of thrilling experiences such as a wonderful sight or a pleasant smell/taste, or when receiving good news. In other words, it can be uttered after experiencing good vibes.

"Domani non lavorerò e potremo stare insieme tutto il giorno." "Spettacolo! Sto già pensando a come organizzare al meglio la giornata."

"I'm not working tomorrow and we could stay together all day." "What a show! I'm already thinking how we should best organize our day."

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Che si dice?

Expression USED Frequently BY Most People

(What is said?) • A near-equivalent in English would be "what's up?", referring to people's perception of the general current situation. The question is usually referred to one or more people in particular, so it always has its specificity.

"Ehilà! Che si dice?"

"Hey there! What is said?”

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