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Czech Czechia

do prdele!

Interjection USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(interj.) • (into the ass!) • Equivalent to English "shit!" or "fuck!" used when something went wrong. Can be used with verb "jít", forming a phrase "jdi do prdele!" meaning "go into the ass!", that is equivalent to English "go fuck yourself!".

"Do prdele, ujel mi autobus!"

"Into the ass, I missed the bus!"

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Czech | hantec slang (brněnský hantec) Brno, Czechia


Word USED Frequently BY residents of the city of Brno

(n.) • Tramway. Was loaned from German 'Elektrische Linie' and is used by residents of Brno exclusively.

"Zétra pofáruju šalinó na Prýgl."

"I‘m going to the Brno Reservoir tomorrow."