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Czech Czechia

na svatého Dyndy

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(on St. Dyndy's Day) • It's never going to happen.

"Tak kdy se mnou půjdeš na rande?" "Tak na svatého Dyndy."

"So, when will you go out with me?" "Maybe on St. Dyndy's Day."

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Czech Czechia

to není žádná procházka růžovým sadem.

Idiom USED Frequently BY Anyone

(it is no walk through a rose/pink orchard) • It is no easy feat, it is in fact a very hard thing to do.

"Pro Ivana Lendla nebyl tento zápas žádnou procházkou růžovým sadem."

"The match was not a walk through a rose orchard for Ivan Lendl."

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Czech Czechia

tě péro

Slang USED On Occasion BY Lower classes

(interj.) • (you feather) • Very informal way of saying hello.

"Tě péro, vole, tebe jsem neviděl..."

"You feather, dude, haven't seen you in ages."