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Cu pula-n cur și cu sufletu-n Rai*

* With the dick in your ass and your soul in Heaven

Romanian Romania

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

The expression means that you can't expect to do bad things and not suffer the consequences.

"Am înșelat-o pe soția mea și acum vrea să divorțeze de mine!" ''Nu poti fi cu pula-n cur și cu sufletu-n Rai.''

"I cheated on my wife and now she wants to divorce me!" "You can't be with the dick in your ass and your soul in Heaven."

Nea Caisă*

* Mister Apricot

Romanian Romania

Name USED Frequently BY Middle Aged People

It's a generic name that's used when you don't remember a man's actual name.

"Chiuveta este înfundată, ar trebui să apelăm instalatorul." "Cunosc un tip, ah... Nea Caisă."

"The sink is clogged, we should call the plumber." "I know a guy, ah... Mister Apricot."