A language enthusiast from Indonesia. Currently I can speak Indonesian, English, and Japanese.

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Indonesian Indonesia

gaji buta

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(blind salary) • Salary or reward given to someone who does very few works to almost nothing. The shorter version of this phrase, gabut, is also used as a slang that means doing nothing or nothing to do.

"Kerja yang benar! Jangan makan gaji buta!"

"Do the work properly! Don't eat blind salary!"


Indonesian Indonesia


Slang USED On Occasion BY Young People

(slave of love) • Someone who madly fall in love with someone else that they would do anything for in order to not lose that person.

"Bucin banget sih lo sampe rela ngabisin duit lo buat beliin apa yang dia mau."

"You are such a slave of love that you are willing to spend all of your money to buy everything she wants."

Indonesian Indonesia


Word USED Frequently BY Mainly Young People

(v.) • (complicated thoughts) • Used when you are sad, confused, having problems that you almost cannot do anything else because those problems are the only thing you are thinking right now. Also used when you are confused choosing over some choices.

"Dia lagi galau karena habis diputusin pacarnya."

"She currently is having complicated thoughts because she was dumped by her boyfriend."


Indonesian Indonesia


Slang USED Very frequently BY Young People

(v.) • (bringing feelings) • Takes things very personally or with feelings. For example, when someone being so nice to you that you thought that person actually loves you or when someone scold you because you did something wrong that made you hate that person because you took it too personally.

"Dia tuh tiap aku sedih selalu ngechat aku dan peduli banget sama aku. Jadi baper deh..."

"Everytime I'm sad he always chats me and really cares for me. That makes me bring my feelings..."