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Polish Poland


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) • ("[the party] 100 days [before]”) • a prom party that it’s organised around 100 days before Matura exam (state examination at the end of high school)

"Marii nie będzie na studniówce, bo złamała sobie nogę."

"Maria won’t come to her prom party, because she broke her leg."

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Spanish Spain

tener vela en este entierro

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(to have a candle at this funeral) • To have a say in a situation.

"¿Alguien te ha preguntado? ¿Quién te ha dado vela en este entierro?"

"Somebody asked you? Who gave you a candle at this funeral?"

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Polish Poland

pierdolenie o Chopinie

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(bullshitting about Chopin) • To talk nonsense; typically used to discredit someone or express that we don’t care.

"A co jeśli naprawdę nas ukarzą?" "E tam, pierdolenie o Chopinie, nic nam nie zrobią."

"And what if they actually punish us?" "Oh come on, it’s bullshitting about Chopin, they won’t do anything."

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Polish Poland

lać wodę

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Students

(to pour water) • to talk or write a lot without giving any useful information or any clear answers

"Esej na trzy strony? Trzeba będzie lać wodę."

"A 3-page essay? We will have to pour water."

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Polish Poland

wystroić się jak szczur na otwarcie kanału

Slang USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(to dress up like a rat for the inauguration of the sewers) • To tart oneself up inadequately to a situation and/or extravagantly.

"A co ty się tak wystoriłaś jak szczur na otwarcie kanałów? My po prostu idziemy w jeansach."

"Why did you dress up like a rat for the inauguration of the sewers? Us, we are just wearing bluejeans."

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