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con comme une valise sans poignées *

* dumb like a suitcase without handles

French France

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some people

Used to describe someone who is really dumb.

"Je ne peux pas le voir ce type, il est con comme une valise sans poignées."

"I can't stand this guy, he's dumb like a suitcase without handles."

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Merde !*

* Shit !

French France

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

(n.) Used to wish good luck to someone when we want to avoid the actual "good luck" expression since it is believed that saying it actually brings bad luck.

"Merde pour l'examen de demain !"

"Shit for tomorrow's exam!"

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French France

Acronym USED Very frequently BY Young People

Acronym for "j'en peux plus", meaning "I can't take it anymore". Initially used in text messages but now frequently heard in speech, pronounced not as "j'en peux plus" but as each letter sounds in the French alphabet. Used whenever we are tired by or annoyed at something.

"Mon ex n'arrête pas de m'appeler, jpp !"

"My ex won't stop calling me, I can't take it anymore!"

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