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nieuwsgierig Aagje*

* curious Aagje

Dutch Netherlands

Reference USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

It refers to a person who is very curious or nosy. Aagje is a fairly old-fashioned girls' name in the Netherlands.

"Mijn moeder heeft weer zitten rondneuzen. Wat is ze toch een nieuwsgierig aagje."

"My mom went through my stuff again. She is such a curious aagje."

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Gaan met die banaan!*

* Go with that banana!

Dutch Netherlands

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

It is used to encourage or motivate someone. In English it would be something like: 'go for it' or 'come on'.

“Ik twijfel of ik wel naar die date wil gaan.” “Maak je een grapje? Het wordt vast super leuk. En nou gaan met die banaan!”

"I'm not sure I want to go on that date." "Are you joking? It will be great fun. And now go with that banana! ”

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