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Slang USED On Occasion BY Young People

(adj.) • Being extremely happy or excited. Short for 'buzzing'.

"She just asked me out, I'm absolutely buzzin'."

English United Kingdom

to have a knack for

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Most People

An ability or special method for doing something easily and well.

"The door's a bit stiff, there's a knack to opening it." "She's got a knack for baking, she should open a shop."

English Northern England & Scotland, United Kingdom


Slang USED On Occasion BY Some People

(n.) • A girl or young woman.

"Check out that lass over there."

English Sunderland, United Kingdom


Word USED Very frequently BY Most People

(adj.) • Used to express positive feelings towards something.

"Yeah I like him, he's a canny lad."

English Northern England, United Kingdom


Word USED Very frequently BY Some People

(n.) • A cup of tea. Contraction of the phrase "cup of".

"Want a cuppa?" "Ok, go on then."


English United Kingdom

hungry as a horse

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

The expression suggests you are very hungry, given the idea that a horse has a big stomach.

"I could eat an entire pizza by myself - I'm as hungry as a horse."

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English United Kingdom

Pot calling the kettle black

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

Expression used to point out hypocrisy. Traditionally both pot and kettle would've been made out of a similar material, so you can't comment on the appearance of one without it also being relevant to the other.

"You are accusing me of cheating? Talk about pot calling the kettle black!"

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English United Kingdom

To bite the bullet

Expression USED On Occasion BY anyone

It is used when someone must do something they do not want to do. The situation or task is unavoidable, but is unpleasant.

He said, "I don't wanna tell her this awful news. It'd hurt her feelings." She responded, "Yes, but it must be done, so you just gotta 'bite the bullet.'

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English United Kingdom


Word USED On Occasion BY some people

(adj.) • A shortened form of "barking mad" ie: insane. Used for emphasis.

“Harry is under the impression Draco is now a death eater” “You’re barking!”

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English United Kingdom

Not my cup of tea

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

When you say that something is 'not your cup of tea', you mean that it's not something you enjoy or like; it's not your thing. You can use 'that' or 'it' or name the thing that isn't your cup of tea, or even simply say 'Not my cup of tea!'

'Do you want to play tennis with us?' 'No thanks, that's not my cup of tea' OR 'It's not my cup of tea' OR 'Tennis isn't my cup of tea' OR 'Not my cup of tea'

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English North , United Kingdom

on my tod

Slang USED On Occasion BY Northerners

Alone or on your own.

"Did you go into town with your friend." "No I was on my tod."

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English United Kingdom


Slang USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Meant in jest, to say that someone is so rich they could print their own money.

"They're absolutely minted!"

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English | Brummie West Midlands, United Kingdom


Expression USED Frequently BY Working class and older generations

A way of saying ‘goodbye’ or ‘see you later’ used colloquially by people in the West Midlands, particularly common in Brummie and Black Country dialects.

"Tara-a-bit, bab!"

English London, United Kingdom

Leave it out

Expression USED On Occasion BY White working class

You say this when you don’t like what someone is saying or suggesting.

“You took my parking space.” “Leave it out.”

Confirmed by 7 people

English Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

pure scundered

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Used to describe a person who is extremely embarrassed.

"Look at her, she’s pure scundered!"

English United Kingdom


Emoji USED Frequently BY Young People

Used by young people to convey annoyance or anger.

"When your headphones break mid journey 🙃🙃🙃"

Confirmed by 10 people