Spanish Costa Rica

pura vida

Expression USED Frequently BY Costa Ricans

A saying Costa Rican's use that means everything is great, life is good, and nothing is worth getting stressed out over.

"Pura vida, mae."

"Pure life, dude."

Spanish Costa Rica

echar los muertos

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(to throw the dead bodies) • It means blaming someone innocent for something you did.

"¡Yo no fui! ¡No me eche los muertos!"

"It wasn't me! Don't throw the dead bodies at me!"

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Spanish Costa Rica


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(noun) • Mae is used as a greeting, to refer to someone, or as an interjection.

''Mae, vieras lo que me pasó ayer...''

''Mae, you couldn't believe what happened to me yesterday...''