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Slang USED Very frequently BY Mostly youth

(adj.) • (Hard/inanimate/solid.) • Used when you want to say sth is cool or looking good , also used for encouragement.

"ايه رأيك في الفستان ده ؟" "جامد"

"What do you think of this dress?" "Hard/inanimate/solid."


Arabic Egypt

مكسحة وتقول للصايغ تقل الخلخال

Expression USED On Very Rare Occasion BY Older Generations

Used to mock someone who overestimates their abilities or says they can do more than they actually can.

".عادي أنا ممكن أعمل شغلي وشغلك، ريح إنت" ".مكسحة وتقول للصايغ تقل الخلخال. حاول تخلص شغلك بس"

"It's okay I can do my work and yours. You rest." "Barely walks and tells the jeweler to make the anklet heavier. Just try to finish yours."



Arabic Egypt

يتكلم هندي

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(to talk in Hindi) • Use this expression for somebody who either speaks unintelligibly or talks nonsense. You can construct a question using this idiom to mock the addressee's inability to understand what you're saying.

"فهمت الدرس؟" "ولا أي كلمة" "!هو أنا بتكلم هندي؟"

"Did you understand the lesson?" "No. Not a single word of it." "Was I speaking Hindi?!"


Arabic Egypt

صباح الفُل

Standard Phrase USED Frequently BY Everyone

(a morning of Foll/ Arabian jasmine) • This is another way of saying "good morning" by wishing someone a morning as good as Foll. Foll is a type of Arabian Jasmine.

".صباح الخير." "صباح الفُل"

"Good morning." "A morning of Foll."


Arabic Egypt

سمن على عسل

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(Ghee mixed with honey) • Used to indicate a state of complete harmony or friendship and agreement between people.

"بلبل وحمادة زي السمن على عسل"

"Bolbol and Hamada are like Ghee mixed with honey"



Arabic Egypt

عريان الطيز بيحب التأميز

Proverb USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(Someone with their ass exposed likes to criticize) • Used in reference to hypocrites، or those who make fun of people while they are losers.

-"إزاي مش عارف ياخد الدكتوراه لحد دلوقتي؟" -"إنت حتى مش بتعرف تقرأ وتكتب، بس عريان الطيز بيحب التأميز"

-"How is he not able to get his Ph.D. until now?" -"You don't even know how to read and write, but that who has his ass exposed likes to criticize."



Arabic Egypt

يا اسطى

Slang USED Very frequently BY Young People

(oh, craftsman!) • It is used to call bus drivers, taxi drivers, friends, workers, and random people.

"عامل اية يسطا؟"

"How are you, craftsman? "


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Expression USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(interj.) • It is said when something happens (whether happend personally to you or anything in general) and you genuinely don’t care about it.

"صاحبتي القديمة اتجوزت إمبارح" "يا عم طز!"

- “Oh my ex-girlfriend got married yesterday" -"Dude! Toz!”