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يتكلم هندي

Idiom USED Very frequently BY Almost Everyone

(Speak(s) Hindi) • Use this expression for somebody who either speaks unintelligibly or talks nonsense. You can construct a question using this idiom to mock the addressee's inability to understand what you're saying.

"فهمت الدرس؟"- "ولا أي كلمة"- "!هو أنا بتكلم هندي؟"_

A: "Did you understand the lesson?" B: "No. Not a single word of it." A: "Was I speaking Hindi?!"


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Slang USED Very frequently BY Mostly youth

(adj.) • (Hard/inanimate/solid.) • Used when you want to say sth is cool or looking good , also used for encouragement.

ايه رأيك في الفستان ده ؟• جامد~

•What do you think of this dress? ~Hard/inanimate/solid.