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the wop wops

Expression USED On Occasion BY Most People

Expression referring to rural areas or the countryside, way out in the middle of nowhere, or 'the boonies'. Just refers to a place away from major towns and cities.

"Their family live way out in the wop wops."


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Name USED Frequently BY University of Otago students

It's used mostly by uni students to describe a particular type or stereotype of students. Typically a partier who likes to drink, probably vape, etc, doesn't lead a particularly healthy lifestyle and is here more for parties than actual uni. Usually laid back, a little messy, enjoys drinking, sociable, and into the student culture.

"He's a typical breatha. Lives for pint night, sesh's and the boys."


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Expression USED Frequently BY Mostly the youth and middle aged

(interj.) • A word used to express gratitude, excitement, or agreeance.

"That was choice as, bro!" "Chur."

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She's bucketing down out there

Expression USED Frequently BY Kiwis

When it's raining hard

Bro, take a jacket with you. She's bucketing down out there.