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Slang USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

A slang for saying you're really scared.

"Vá, entra! Então, estás com miúfa?"

"Come on, come in! What's going on, are you with miúfa?"


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cu de Judas

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(Juda's ass ) • A remote place, far away, in the end of the world.

“Mas onde fica? Nem imaginas, no cu de Judas.”

“But where is it? You cannot imagine, in Judas’s ass.”

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Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

(turnip) • Used for someone who's clumsy or can't do anything.

"Ele é um nabo."

"He's a turnip."

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bom como o milho

Expression USED On Occasion BY Teens

(fine as corn) • Used to describe someone very attractive.

"Viste aquele rapaz a passar na rua? Bom como o milho."

"Did you see that guy crossing the street? Fine as corn."

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És de Braga?

Standard Phrase USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(Are you from Braga?) • Every time someone leaves a door open that shouldn't we regularly ask this. Braga is a city in the north of the country.

"Deixaste a porta aberta? És de Braga, é?"

"Did you leave the door open? Are you from Braga?"

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chover a potes

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(to rain pots) • You use this expression when it is raining a lot; when it's pouring.

"Está a chover a potes!"

"It's raining pots!"

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