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avoir la gueule de bois

Standard Phrase USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(to have a wooden mouth) • To have a hangover or to feel hungover after a heavy night of drinking alcohol.

"J'ai une affreuse gueule de bois."

"I have an awful wooden mouth."

French France


Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone

When you find yourself in unfamiliar surroundings either purposely, for a change of scenery on a holiday or because you feel homesick.

"Pour un vrai dépaysement, allez passer une semaine à Bali!"

"For a real change of scenery, go and spend a week in Bali!"

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French France

le dépaysement

Word USED On Occasion BY Anyone talking about travel

(discountriment) • Refers to the culture shock and/or the feeling of being lost one may feel when visiting a foreign country. Can be used in either the positive or the negative sense.

“J'étais au Japon la semaine dernière. Le dépaysement total !”

“I was in Japan last week. It was a total discountriment!”

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Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(to leek) • Waiting motionless for a long time, like a leek planted in the ground.

"Il y avait tellement de monde au magasin, le vendeur m'a fait poireauter pendant une heure."

"There were so many people at the store, the salesman made me leek for one hour."

French France


Slang USED Very frequently BY Young People

This means woman or can often mean girlfriend.

"J'ai vue une belle meuf hier!"

"I saw a pretty woman yesterday!"

French France

un pied-à-terre

Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(a foot on the ground) • A small house or apartment in a city you do not live in, and where you stay when visiting that city for a short time

"Vivre à Paris ne m'empêche pas d'aller souvent à Rome, j'y ai un petit pied-à-terre."

"Living in Paris does not prevent me from going to Rome. I have a small pied-à-terre there""

French France

péter plus haut que son cul

Idiom USED Frequently BY Everyone

(to fart higher than one's arse) • To be conceited.

Les étrangers disent souvent que les Français pètent plus haut que leur cul.

Foreigners often say that French people fart higher than their arse.

French France

un avion de chasse

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

(fighter plane) • Used to describe someone that is very beautiful or attractive.

"Woah, la nouvelle serveuse est un avion de chasse!"

"Wow, the new waitress is a fighter plane!"


French France

la poêle qui se moque du chaudron

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(the pan mocking the cauldron) • Used to point out hypocrisy towards another in a joking manner.

"Il est vraiment pas doué de ses mains." "C'est la poêle qui se moque du chaudron!"

"He's really not good with his hands." "It's the pan mocking the cauldron!"

French France

passer l'arme à gauche

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(to pass the weapon to the left) • To die.

"Elle a passé l'arme à gauche."

"She passed the weapon to the left."

French France

passez l'arme à gauche

Expression USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

(to pass the weapon to the left) • To Die.

Elle a passé l'arme à gauche.

She passed the weapon to the left.

French France


Slang USED On Occasion BY Young people

Very unfamiliar and childish way to say hello. When you want to say hi to your friends in a cute way, comes from “coucou” which means hi/hey.





French | Breton Bretagne, France


Idiom USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone from northwest France

(n.) • (leftovers ) • It is mostly used by old people who still know Breton, but can be used by younger people as a funny way to say that there is nothing to eat, or when you don't remember something well, or when there are only some traces of something left.

"Je n'ai plus que des restachoú, allons manger au restaurant." "Je n'ai pas parlé anglais depuis longtemps, je n'ai que des restachoú de grammaire." "Ma grand-mère est mal à l'aise quand elle entend de l'allemand, des restachoú de l'occupation probablement."

"There's only leftovers at home, let's eat at the restaurant instead." "I haven't spoken English for a while, I only remember leftover grammar." "My grandmother is uncomfortable when she hears German, probably some leftovers of the occupation."



French France


Word USED Very frequently BY Some People

(n.) • (fat) • Similar to the French words mec (M.) and meuf (F.), this pair, gros and grosse, mean dude. It's very informal, it can only be used with friends, and the literal meaning, fat, is not relevant at all here.

"Salut gros, ça fait longtemps ! Ça va toi?" "bah ouais grosse ! J'étais en vacances dans le sud et toi?"

"Hi fat, it's been a while! How are you doing?" "yeah fat ! I was in the south for the holiday and you?"

French France

je m'en bats les couilles

Expression USED Very frequently BY French people

(I beat my testicles with it) • I don't care.

"As-tu vu le nouveau film des Avengers?" "Franchement, je m'en bats les couilles!"

"Did you see the new Avengers movie?" "Frankly, I beat my testicles with it!"

French French speaking countries

que dalle

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

Nothing at all.

"'Y a que dalle dans le frigo, faut qu'on fasse des courses."

"There's nothing at all in the fridge, we must do the grocery shopping."

French France

tout ça pour ça

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(all of this for this) • Used when you have put much effort into something and are disappointed of the outcome.

"J'ai révisé toute la semaine pour cet examen et je n'ai eu que 8 !" "Tout ça pour ça !"

"I studied the whole week for this exam and I only got an 8!" "All of this for this!"

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French France

C'est comme pisser dans un violon.

Expression USED On Occasion BY Some People

(It's like pissing in a violin.) • Used to describe something useless and ineffective, or to complain about not being listened to after asking somebody to do something. Pissing in a violin is ineffective, it won't make a sound.

"Quand je demande à ma fille de ranger ma chambre, c'est comme pisser dans un violon !"

"When I ask my daughter to clean her room, it's like pissing in a violin!"

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French Suisse romande, Switzerland


Word USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

(n.) • A mobile phone.

“J’ai perdu mon natel.”

“I lost my phone.”

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French | Québécois Québec, Canada

tomber dans sa semaine

Expression USED Very frequently BY Usually younger people

(to fall in one's week) • Used as a euphemism to mean “starting your period”.

“As-tu un tampon? Je viens de tomber dans ma semaine.”

“Do you have a tampon? I just fell in my week.”