German German speaking countries

Slang USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

References to a person who likes to report everything to admins, cops etc.

"Waren wieder Meldemuschis unterwegs."

"Seems that there were reporterpussiess around."



* fat one

German German speaking countries

Slang USED Very frequently BY Young People

(n.) Form of “Dicker” (fat one). Used to refer to any person, or as an interjection.

Note: Penny is a German supermarket.

“Digga, lass nach der Schule zum Penny gehen”

“Fat one, let's go to the Penny after school”


die Augen waren größer als der Bauch*

* the eyes were bigger than the belly

German Germany

Standard Phrase USED On Rare Occasion BY Mostly middle aged people

Usually used when someone bought or put more food on their plate than they could eat because they were hungry and therefore thought they could eat more than they actually could. It can be an accusation that they wasted food.

„Das kann ich nicht mehr essen, ich bin so satt!“ „Deine Augen waren größer als dein Bauch.“

„I can't eat that anymore, I’m so full!“ „Your eyes were bigger than your belly.“

German German speaking countries

Emoji USED On Occasion BY Some People

When you wish someone good luck in German you would say "Ich drücke dir die Daumen", which literally means "I'll press my thumbs for you". Because of that, 🤞 ("I'll keep my fingers crossed") isn't used to wish good luck (in German 🤞 means that you are lying). We rather use ✊ which stands for the thumbs pressed.

"Viel Glück bei der Prüfung! Ich drücke dir die Daumen ✊!"

"Good luck for the exam! I'll press my thumbs for you ✊!"


German Germany

Slang USED On Rare Occasion BY Young People

(n.) It’s an abbreviation for “Mensch Ohne Freunde” (Person without friends) and is usually used as a joke among friends when you’re in a situation all by yourself.

“Ich war die einzige, die da war. Ich habe mich wie ein Mof gefühlt.”

"I’m the only one who was there. I felt like a Mof."


* double chin holder

German Germany

Word USED On Occasion BY Some People

(n.) Used to jokingly refer to a face mask, as people often wear their masks below their chin so they can pull it up over their mouth and nose quickly when needed. But this looks as if they are using it as a holder for their double chin.

"Guck mal! Da ist wieder jemand mit Doppelkinnhalter."

"Look! There's another person wearing a double chin holder."


* face beautifier

German Germany

Word USED On Occasion BY Most People

(n.) Used ironically during the coronavirus pandemic to express that wearing the face mask makes us look more beautiful ("face beautifier"). In Germany it is illegal to use the official name (Mund-Nasen-Schutz = mouth-nose-protection, only to use for professional and certified medical products) for our homemade masks (especially when they are sold to others). So we created some other funny names for it.

"Einen Moment, bitte, ich muss erst meine Gesichtsverschönerung anziehen."

"One second, please, I need to put on my face beautifier first."



* bull

German Germany

Slang USED On Occasion BY mostly young people

(n.) a rather insulting term used to refer to a police officer, often used similar to the word „cop“ in English

"Ich rufe die Bullen."

"I‘m calling the bulls."

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einen Zahn zulegen*

* to gain a tooth

German Various countries

Expression USED On Occasion BY Everyone

To do something faster.

"Du bist so langsam, leg mal einen Zahn zu!"

"You're so slow, gain a tooth!"

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schwein haben*

* to have pig

German Austria

Expression USED Frequently BY Everyone

To be lucky that something didn't happen.

"Ich hätte nicht gedacht, dass ich es vor dem Regen schaffe. Aber ich habs geschafft!" "Da hast du ja Schwein gehabt!"

"I really thought I would not make it before the rain, but I made it!" "You really had pig!"

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Holland in Not *

* Holland in distress

German Germany

Expression USED On Occasion BY mostly everyone

Used when a problem occurs or a situation seems to go bad.

Wenn sie das nochmal machen, dann ist aber Holland in Not!

If they’re doing this again, Holland’s gonna be in distress!



dumm wie Bohnenstroh*

* dumb as a bean haulm

German Germany

Idiom USED On Rare Occasion BY Some People

(interj.) Describes a stupid person.

"Er ist wirklich dumm wie Bohnenstroh!"

"He’s dumb as a dumb as bean haulm!"

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auf dem Schlauch stehen*

* to stand on the pipe

German German speaking countries

Expression USED Frequently BY Almost Everyone

Used to describe the feeling of being stuck on or being unable to understand something.

„Verstehst du was ich meine?“ „Nein, ich stehe total auf dem Schlauch.“

“Do you understand what I mean?“ “No, I’m completely standing on the pipe.”

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auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn*

* a blind chicken will also find a seed

German Germany

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Almost Everyone

Used when even though you're not very competent or good at something, you succeed. It's usually used pejoratively or dismissively or to belittle someone.

"Hey, ich habe es geschafft!" "Auch ein blindes Huhn findet mal ein Korn."

"Hey, I made it!" "Even a blind chicken can find a seed sometimes."

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German Germany

Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone apart from old people

(n.) Money.

“Ich habe keine Kohle mehr.”

“I don’t have any money left.”

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