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Þetta reddast

Expression USED Very frequently BY Everyone

It means that everything will sort itself out or will be fine eventually. Icelanders do not plan ahead very far, so when someone starts worrying about a plan the response will be “þetta reddast”. It can also be described as the attitude and motto of Icelanders.

"hvað eigum við að gera í þessu?" "Ah, þetta reddast."

"What should we do about this?" "Ah, everything will sort itself out."



Icelandic Iceland

áfram með smjörið

Expression USED On Occasion BY Most People

(onwards with the butter) • Used to incite action, usually for encouragement; 'Let's go!', 'come on!', 'Let's dive in!'

"Ertu ekki hress? Fínt! Áfram með smjörið!"

"Are you down for it? Great! Onwards with the butter!"

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