German | Swabian Baden-Württemberg , Germany


Word USED On Occasion BY Everyone

(adj.) • Something that is broken, not working.

"Des Audo isch hee. (Dieses Auto ist kaputt.)"

"The car is broken."

German | Schnürlesregen (Swabian) Germany

es regnet Bindfäden

Expression USED On Occasion BY Most People

(it's raining strings) • Used to refer to constant pouring rain, so strong that you can't see separate droplets anymore.

"Nimm einen Schirm mit, es regnet heute Bindfäden."

"Take an umbrella with you, it's raining strings today."

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German | Swabian Swabia, Germany

's Läba isch koi Schlotzer

Idiom USED On Occasion BY Swabians

(Life is not a lollipop) • Used as a response when someone complains about a small problem or task. Meaning life is not always easy.

"Ich hab noch soviel zu tun..." "s Läba osch koi Schlotzer"

"I have sooo much to do..." "Life is not a lollipop"

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