Italian | Veneto Veneto, Italy

pesare i peri

Slang USED On Occasion BY Older Generations

(weighing pears) • It is a dialectal form to describe when you are sleepy, with half-closed eyelids and cheeks hanging like pears.

"Come sta andando la conferenza? È interessante?" "No, è veramente noiosa, sono qui a pesare i peri!"

"How's the conference going? Is it interesting?" "No, it's really boring, I'm here weighing pears!"


Italian | Veneto dialects Veneto, Italy


Word USED Frequently BY Everyone

(n.) • Money with a general and vague meaning. It comes from an Austrian coin on top of which was written "Franc.", which was the abbreviation of "Francesco Giuseppe".

"I m'ha ciavà do franchi."

"They have stolen money from me."

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Italian | Veneto dialects Veneto, Italy


Word USED Very frequently BY Everyone

(n.) • (money ) • "Schei" comes from an old coin value, the Scheidemünze, used during the Lombardo-Veneto reign that was under Austrian hegemony.

"Son sensa schei." "Gh'eto du schei?"

"I have no money." "Do you have any money?"

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