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Neologism USED Frequently BY Gen Z & Gen Alpha

The term skibidi is a reference to the abomination that is Skibidi Toilet, a 2023 YouTube animated series/meme. The general consensus is that skibidi is an adjective with erratic meaning. Based on the show, it may mean "bad" or "evil".

"That's so skibidi! That's so fanum tax!" "Grow the hell up, boy."

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Slang USED Frequently BY gen z

(interjection ) • It refers to anything with a fat butt, but it's also used to say you met an attractive woman (or man).

“GYATTTT” “damn that boy has a big gyatt… why do boys always get what girls want”

"GYATT" "Damn that boy has a fat butt... why do boys always get what girls want”

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Slang USED Very frequently BY Gen Z

Can be used as an exclamation, expressing shock, typically in reaction to seeing a large butt, most likely an abbreviation of "God damn", or as a noun, for a woman who is voluptuous and has a large butt.

"Gyatt!" "Hey man, that's my mom."

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Word USED Frequently BY Gen Z'ers

(noun) • Can be used as a noun or a verb to describe an obsessive love of a celebrity. Used frequently on Twitter. Originates from Eminem's song 'Stan', which tells the story of one of his obsessive fans.

"She really stans BTS." "She's a big Taylor Swift stan."

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Assamese Assam, India


Slang USED Frequently BY Millenials and Gen Z

(n.) • (sugar) • The Assamese word for sugar. Youngsters may refer to a person (generally a male but can also be a female) as "seni" in an informal context, denoting someone who is an absolute flirt. Sometimes, this word is also used in another form, e.g., you can say "he is eating sugar (seni) with that girl", meaning that "he is flirting with that girl."

"ৰঞ্জন এটা মস্ত চেনী দেই।."

"Ronjon is a big sugar."

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Acronym USED On Occasion BY Gen Z'ers

(n.) • An acronym for 'love of my life'. Often used on Instagram as a caption for a picture of your partner.

"Look at him. #loml"



Italian Italy


Word USED Frequently BY Gen Z'ers

(adj.) • (pussy) • Awesome or good-looking, if referred to a person.

"Oh, guarda quella là! Che fregna che è!"

"Oh, look at that girl over there! How pussy she is!"

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Spanish Venezuela

mango bajito

Expression USED On Occasion BY Gen X, Gen Z and Olders

(low mango) • Something is low mango when is easy to get or is a good opportunity.

''Aprovecha esa oferta! Es un mango bajito!''

''Take advantage of that offer! That is a low mango!''

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