bie shi mi litarë*

* It's raining with ropes

Albanian Albania

Expression USED On Occasion BY Many people

Used in cases of heavy rainfall, when the rain looks like uninterrupted "ropes" of water.

"E di si është jashtë? Sot bie shi me litar!"

"Do you know what's going on outside? Today it's raining with ropes!"

du Otto*

* you Otto

German Rhineland, Germany

Expression USED On Rare Occasion BY many people

It is a expression to playfully insult someone, reminding them that they said/did something a little bit dumb. It normally meant not to be taken seriously.

Das war die falsche Kiste, du Otto.

That was the wrong box, you Otto.

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* nottrue

Dutch Netherlands

Word USED Frequently BY many people

Used at the end of a sentence to ask for confirmation, like the English use of "right".

"Het is lekker weer vandaag, nietwaar?"

"The weather is great today, nottrue?"

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