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Slang USED On Occasion BY People Over 30

(evil) • Another word for cool, awesome, great, amazing or fun

"What did you think of the rollercoaster?" "It was wicked!"

"What did you think of the rollercoaster?" "It was great!"

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Spanish Colombia


Expression USED Very frequently BY People Over 30

(adj.) • Word used to describe someone who doesn't follow the rules/behave.

"Estos niños son muy necios, nunca se comportan."

"These kids are very necios, they never behave."

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German German speaking countries

Halt die Ohren steif!

Expression USED Frequently BY People Over 30

(Hold your ears stiff!) • Used during a goodbye and when you're trying to cheer someone up.

"Tschüss, bis bald, halt die Ohren steif!"

"Bye, see you soon, hold your ears stiff!"

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